Did you find me on Groupon?

Thank you for your interest in professional skincare services by Nurse Leslie.  I am so happy that you found me! I'm sure that when we meet, you will be too.  Groupon has been a tremendous tool in spreading the word about Skincare by Nurse Leslie to the masses in the DC area.  If you have already purchased your voucher, please proceed to the bottom of this page to read "Additional Information" then reserve your appointment online.


If you have not yet purchased your voucher, how about we sweeten the deal.  Since getting you the best possible results is a priority, if you purchase your prepaid service directly from Skincare by Nurse Leslie, you'll receive a free treatment upgrade AND a free trial-sized product to address your skin concerns.  Treatment options are listed below.


One or Three            30-minute Express Facials

$39 or $109

"Urgent Care" - The Quick Fix Facial Rx

Does your skin need attention, stat? Well, this treatment is just for you! This rapid radiance-enhancing treatment will nurse your skin to a healthy, vibrant glow quickly.  

Excellent choice  for a quick skin refresher.*

30 minutes

Regular Price - $75


One or Three Introductory Customized Facials

$59 or $177

"The Beauty Check-Up" - Vital Signs of Beauty Facial

Feed your skin the nutrients it needs with this essential skin treatment. It addresses the key components, or "vital signs," of skin health and beauty including: texture, hydration/moisture balance, elasticity and collagen support, purity, and clarity.

Ideal for your monthly skin maintenance. *

60 minutes

Regular Price - $125

asian beauty.jpeg

One or Three Premium Customized Facials

$89 or $249

"CPR" - Intensive Care Ultimate Facial

Revive your skin's natural radiance with this targeted, clinical skin treatment. Designed to CORRECT, PROTECT, and REPAIR your skin, this treatment delivers results that you can see and feel. This treatment includes a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and/or LED light therapy.

Perfect for acne, anti-aging, and uneven skin tone.*

30 - 90 minutes

Regular price - $175

Additional Information:

You will find Skincare by Nurse Leslie located within a wellness center called Paris Alexander.  Come up the outside stairs and into the entryway.  The door is on the left.  I will greet you personally at your appointment time with consultation forms to complete.

If you arrive early and the receptionist is not at the front desk, please just have a seat and make yourself comfortable.  You will be greeted momentarily.  

I am a solo practitioner/entrepreneur, meaning I run my practice alone.  So, booking, cancelling, or rescheduling appointments online is required for maximum convenience and efficiency.    

When you receive notifications and appointment confirmations, please click the link in the text message and/or email and read the details.  Please respond to appointment confirmations to let me know that you will be in attendance.  

Same day cancellations and no-shows will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of the pre-paid service voucher cost.

This promotional offer is for new patients only.  You may buy one or a package of three for yourself and one or a package of three for a friend.  After your pre-paid services have been used, an exclusive offer for continued treatment will be extended to you.

If you have a great experience, then gratuity is appreciated.  The amount should be calculated based on the  non-discounted price of the service.

Feedback is an excellent tool for my growth as a business owner.  Receiving 5-star reviews is a highlight in my day.  If you have anything less than a pleasant experience, please bring it to my attention promptly to give me the opportunity to improve your experience.

If you have specific questions that are not addressed here on the website, please feel free to call me.  If you do not get an answer during business hours, I am most likely with a patient.  If you leave me a message or send an email to, I will certainly reply as promptly as possible.

Please be sure to read the Policies page for additional information so that you are fully informed prior to your visit.