Is Your Current Makeup Your Friend or Foe?

Questions:  Does makeup clog your pores?  What’s a good foundation for daily use?

Answer:  If you want to achieve and/or maintain clear, smooth, and even skin with or without makeup, the answer to this question is very important.  The simple answer to the 1st question is yes.  Certain ingredients in makeup can most certainly be pore-clogging, or “comedogenic”.  

This is why you always want to opt for non-comedogenic cosmetics.  But, don’t just take a product label’s “non-comedogenic” word for it.  Always check the acne-aggravating ingredient list I have put together just for you! 

But wait, before you do, understand that everything affects everyone differently.  So, what one person may be able to tolerate on their skin (which may be on this list), may not be tolerated well for others.  We all have different skin and different needs, which should always be taken into consideration when trying new cosmetics.

I don't try new foundation often at all.  When I find something that has a great color match, nice finish and texture, and doesn't give me a face full of zits, I stick with it.  I have absolutely loved Eminence Hungarian Organics’ Mineral Powder for years.  It’s expensive, but looks great and has sunscreen!  However, most recently I have been using Benefit Cosmetics’ Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation.  Check out the name of this stuff!  Need I say more?  

Well, since you asked… it gives your skin an amazingly luminous glow.  It also has sun protection, is hydrating, yet oil-free.  Most importantly, it doesn’t cause me any breakouts!!!  I can't get enough of this stuff!  When I'm not wearing makeup, I use PCA Skin's Sheer Tint - Tinted SPF.  It's like a BB cream that just gives skin a really nice, dewy, natural-looking glow.  It's a perfect all-in-one product for the au-naturale beauties.  It delivers antioxidants to the skin aaaannndd... doesn't clog pores.  I love this product!

Keep in mind that clogged pores are not solely caused by what you put or don’t put on your face.  For the full list of acne-aggravating ingredients to look out for, return to next Wednesday where I will go into detail about the many hidden causes of acne.

Until next time, beauties… Stay gorgeous and keep glowing.  

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