Q & A Wednesday

Hey there, Beauties!  Our Q & A Wednesday question of the day comes from Tamara of District Heights, Maryland. It reads as follows:

Now that the summer is over, I just started back using my Retin-A. I hate it when my skin peels. What can I do to make my skin less dry and peely?

Tamara, this is a great question! I frequently encounter this concern about Retin-A/tretinoin and the like. Here's what I would recommend:

#1 Be consistent

Use your Retin-A all year long. That way, your skin doesn't have to adjust to the product repeatedly year-after-year. Although the sun as well as fluorescent light do break down the product, you should only be applying Retin-A at night. Retina-A can make you more sun-sensitive, but you should ALWAYS protect your skin with SPF 30 or higher daily.

#2 Skip a night or two

Don't start off using your Retin-A every night. You want to build your skin's tolerance to the product. First apply it every 3rd night for 2 weeks. Then every other night for two weeks. Then apply it every night to slowly allow your skin to adjust to the product.

#3 Apply a pea-sized amount to the entire face

After cleansing your skin with a mild, non-exfoliating cleanser, use just a pea-size of your product all over your skin after it has dried.

#4 Moisturize first

If the product is too sensitizing on your skin, you can apply your moisturizer before your Retin-A. This will help minimize any sensitivity the product may cause.

#5 Be patient

Retina-A and other similar retinoid products are some of the best tools available that are easy, relatively inexpensive, and extremely effective. They are great for controlling acne, anti-aging, and clearing and smoothing the skin. Hang in there and you will see a great difference in your skin. It's worth it!