Skin Commandment 10: Love your neighbor and love the skin that you are in.

It can be hard to accept the fact that perfection is impossible. While you may look at the next person and think he/she has beautiful features and is not plagued by the same skin or body image insecurities that you may deal with, know that everyone has flaws ands insecurities. The sooner we accept ourselves and stop comparing ourselves with others, the sooner we can see our own individual beauty. 

The standard of beauty that is perpetuated by the media is skewed and does not represent all types of beauty. Although I do think this is improving. We are still, however, constantly bombarded by images of air-brushed celebrities with layers of makeup and photo-shopped or even surgically-enhanced bodies. Don’t let them be the standard by which you measure yourself. Set your own bar. When you wake up in the morning, be the most beautiful person you can be. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and worthy of love, appreciation, and kind treatment. When you believe that you are worthy, taking good care of yourself comes much more naturally. Compliment someone else. You never know, it just might make their day! Be beautiful in your thoughts, your words, and your actions. It is contagious! Have a great week, Beauties!!!